arraca was for a long time the only rum bar in Montreal. Today, our menu offers more than 160 choices of rum from around 20 countries. We have several rums in exclusivity or available through private imports making Barraca the place to visit in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal for all rum lovers. Every Thursdays we offer a double dose of rum for the price of one!

What Is Rum?

Rum is an eau-de-vie obtained by fermentation and distillation of a low-alcohol drink based on sugar cane or by-product of the sugar industry that is very present in the Americas. Its natural colour is translucent, which is called white rum, but it can also be spiced or aged in casks where it will take on a more or less dark amber colour. The word made its appearance towards the end of the 17th century.

A Local Flavoured Design

The perceptible characteristics of a rum depends mostly on its production method. The notion of terroir is therefore, in the case of rum, linked to the production traditions of a given territory. Several rums thus benefit from controlled appellations of origin such as the Rum of Guadeloupe, Rum of Reunion, Agricultural Rum of Guyana, Rum of the French West Indies or Rum of Cuba. Its production follows local processes, but usually the production stages are as follows: reception of the canes, grinding, fermentation, distillation and finally bottling or aging in oak barrels.

Rum Cocktails

Rum, whether white or amber, is used in various cocktails, the most famous of which are punches, rum & coke (also known as Cuba libre), grog, pina colada, daiquiri and mojito.