n Quebec, we love the warmth and good weather all year long. That's why we quickly adopted the Tiki bar concept, invented in the 1930s in California. These tropical-themed bars compete in imagination to completely disorient the customers and take them someplace else. Inspired by the South Pacific, the decor is composed, of course, by tiki masks, but also tiki torches, palm trees, sand and often a body of water such as a lagoon or a waterfall. Do not be surprised to meet fishes, turtles or exotic birds in a tiki bar. Tiki culture does exist and its fans do not hesitate to travel around the world to discover new places. In Montreal, the Kon Tiki was the favourite spot in the 1960s to 1980s, then it was the Tiki Garden that was active for 30 years from 1985 to 2015.

Barraca Is THE Tiki Bar on Plateau Mont-Royal

The Tiki spirit lives on in Montreal. Immerse yourself in the tropical world of Barraca, the legendary rum bar on Plateau Mont-Royal for a complete change of scenery. In summer, the terrace at the back is ready to welcome you so that you can enjoy the sun. Inside, it's summer every day of the year! The Barraca is THE Tiki bar by excellence and has the best offer of rum in town with more than 160 labels. The decor automatically transposes you to a beach in the South. Let yourself be charmed by our original cocktails made with rum or mezcal, but above all, by our delicious sangria.

Although it comes from the Caribbeans, sangria quickly made its place on the alcoholic beverages menu of tiki bars because their Polynesian theme is not strict and in fact, everything that reminds of the heat, the sun and the beach, is part of the tiki spirit. It is no surprise that Quebecers, fond of the South, love it. Sangria is associated with the terraces and the sun and we all look forward to the moment when we take our first pitcher of sangria, even if we drink it with a light coat on our shoulders.

Whether you come to Barraca for the terrace, the sangria, the rum or the tropical atmosphere, astonishment and discovery will always be here, at the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal.